I was desperate and overwhelmed with a new kitchen and I knew I had one shot to get it just right. There was no way I wasn’t going to use Katie and Brooke.
— Elizabeth

Brooke & Katie

Brooke Levy and Katie Savage of Blue Pencil Home are a Memphis-based organization and consultation service. They work closely alongside individuals and architects, creating customized solutions to organize the most challenging spaces.

Brooke, born and raised in Minnesota, and Katie, a native of Memphis, both attended Rhodes College in Memphis but didn’t meet until years later when their children became friends. The two women quickly realized they had much in common, most especially their passion for creating beautiful, functional, and simplified spaces in homes.

Brooke and Katie know well that downsizing, clean outs, and moving can be overwhelming. They help take this stress away and assist their clients in creating the right systems that support beauty and function. The two pride themselves on knowing which questions to ask their clients, achieving a vision for spaces evoking a sense of happiness and calm.

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Meet Our Team



Some turn to brisk runs or a relaxing bath, but Turner Aycock relies on organizing to help calm her down. Between being a busy mom to two young girls, running her kids to soccer matches, and cheering on the Grizzlies, Turner loves working closely with Blue Pencil Home’s clients. Her favorite part? Seeing their reaction to the finished project. Her guiding organizational motto that has been with her since childhood, when her mother would often repeat it to her, is: A place for everything and everything in its place! Turner and her family moved to the Memphis area in 2016, after she was born and raised in North Carolina. Before Turner started her career in organization, she spent her days teaching kindergarten. The bedroom closets are Turner’s go-to spots for organization as she loves all things clothes and color-coordination!



Karen Saenz is a self-described “neat and tidy” person and she even remembers priding herself on keeping her room straightened as a young girl in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She and her husband moved to the Memphis area in 2000 with their three (middle and high school aged) children. Prior to having her children, Karen was a CPA working in accounting. Expeditious is certainly the ideal word to describe Karen as she ran a monogramming and sewing business out of her home after she left her CPA work to raise her kids. She explains, “If I have any spare time, I love to clean out and organize—especially closets—which can get annoying to my family. So it has been rewarding to do this for people outside my home who actually appreciate it!” Helping Blue Pencil Home clients take the next, sometimes difficult steps to toss items they no longer need has been extremely gratifying for Karen. She thrives on helping others create improved use of their spaces and seeing their excitement when this happens.



Ashley West prides herself on enjoying the often tricky organizational areas like attics and laundry rooms, as she is a consummate problem-solver. This comes naturally to this mother of five, who is constantly devising systems and routines in her own home to make her family members’ lives run more efficiently and smoothly. Ashley was born in Atlanta, Georgia and she moved to Memphis with her husband and their children fifteen years ago. Prior to having children, she was a pediatric oncology nurse. Ashley’s children range in ages from eight to seventeen and she is overjoyed at being able to do a job she loves that’s conducive to her kids’ busy schedules. About her work with Blue Pencil Home, Ashley comments, “I couldn’t have dreamed of a better work scenario for myself.” She loves the relief she sees on her client’s faces as she creates functional, efficient systems for problem areas that are no longer overwhelming and unmanageable.

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With a love for seeing her client’s “thrilled, shocked, and amazed” reactions, Carley has found herself very comfortable decluttering and organizing with the Blue Pencil Home team. She was drawn to this line of work because she loves nothing more than purging clutter and making her own organized home. Growing up in Houston, Texas, Carley and her family moved to Jackson, Mississippi when she was twelve; her parents still reside there currently. She’s lived in Memphis since 1998. Carley is married with two sons and three stepchildren. Prior to her work with Blue Pencil Home, she had a lengthy seventeen-year career in education, specializing in college admissions at both the college-preparatory and university levels. Similarly to finding success in placing her students at the right college, experiencing her client’s joy with a job well done is key to Carley’s organization and editing work. Her favorite rooms in which to work are always laundry rooms and kitchens because, as she says, “I spend so much time in there!”