Our 10 Favorite Organizing Products

Organizing your home can often feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know exactly where or how to get started, but having the right tools can help tremendously. To help you get started on tackling your next home organization project we’ve put together a list of our top 10 organizing products:

1. We love the Container Store’s Montauk baskets, because they can be used in almost any place around the home. They’re perfect for getting pantry items in uniform and we also use them in closets when we use the file folding method with shirts, pants or shorts. The baskets make it so you can see all the items at one time, saving you from digging through a pile of clothes.

2. Another great option to consider for efficient storage is the Container Store’s water hyacinth basket. These baskets can also be used anywhere around the house, come in several sizes, and can match many different types of decor.

3. The InterDesign divided lazy Susan turntable will help you sort smaller items that typically get lost in the back of cabinets like condiments and spice jars. There are two different lazy Susans to choose from depending on how many items you want to store — one has three sections and the other has five.

4. We constantly use Russell+Hazel acrylic collators in closets to divide clutches and also in offices to divide papers. There are endless options when it comes to the sizes and shapes of collators, so you’ll always be able to find one that suits your needs.

5. We use pegboards to organize kids toys — mostly nerf guns — but they’re also extremely useful in craft rooms and for storing wrapping paper. We find that if your tools and supplies are in sight you are more likely to use them and then put them back when you are done. Plus, we like to take advantage of vertical spaces as much as we can.

 6. Acrylic drawer dividers can be used anywhere and come in many sizes that will fit almost any space from vanity drawers to desks. You can use them to keep items in order like pencils and pens or smaller items that are loose and tend to get lost like tacks or beads.  

7. Interdesign pantry bins are another useful storage option that we constantly use — and since they’re clear you can see what’s inside making them perfect for toiletries and keeping pantry items in order.

8. We love using pot lid organizers, as intended, but we also use these to store pans so they do not have to nest inside each other. The size of the opening is adjustable so you can also store cookie sheets, platters, and casserole dishes. We hate stacking things on top of each other in a kitchen, so we take any opportunity to “file” items.

9. Ikea Kubbis hooks with Klunka laundry bag or Plumsa storage bags. Using this set up allows you to use vertical space without using a lot of depth. We use these in play rooms to organize small toys. Kids can easily grab a bag off the hook and return it when they are done (or when you return it while grumbling under your breath!). We personally use these in our closets with the storage bags to keep clothes that need to go to the cleaners and clothes that need to be donated separated and neat. Just the hooks come in extremely handy when planning outfits while packing for a trip. 

10. Augbunny multi-purpose water resistant clear PVC organizer bag — these bags are a more economical version of the very popular Truffle bag. We use these everywhere, because they are clear you can easily tell what is inside each bag. Not only are they useful tools to keep items organized in the house, but they’re also convenient for storing first aid kits and other supplies you might need on the go. Additionally, we use them to hold toiletry items and try to keep a few in our suitcases, so they are always ready to go and we never have to worry about forgetting something while traveling. They definitely come in handy in a work bag, too!

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